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“Right aftert I returned to Chicago, I had a job interview where they asked me about any problem-solving experience I had with people of different nationalities. I started off by describing my semester at Corvinus and the project we did in class that involved 5 students, all of them from different parts of the world” Derek, USA


"It's an amazing city, a very high standard university and everybody is up for helping." Stephan, Germany


"Having a Tandem was great! Beforehand, I was able to ask all sorts of technical questions, and just chit-chatting helped make me even more excited for the transition. When I first arrived, knowing someone already in the city made adjusting much easier." Clara, Mexico


"Learning in such a versatile environment was the experience of a lifetime. The professors really know how to grasp the multinational classes and apply them to class time and studies. Being here I became very independent and more well rounded, gaining knowledge outside of school which became beneficial along the way." Jessica, University of New Hampshire


"Great city, great people, great food and overall amazing experience. Getting around in Budapest using public transportation is easier and more convenient than other big cities like London. Budapest is definitely underrated and everyone should    know more about it. Corvinus is a great school. Pretty much all my teachers are really good and the work load is not bad at all. I had a really great time with my Hungarian roommates. Not only did I meet more Hungarian students through them, but also I was lucky to visit one of my roommate’s hometown and enjoy  great hospitality by his parents and taste some absolutely wonderful traditional Hungarian cuisine."  Prashan, Bentley University




Last modified: 2018.11.30.