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Alumni have expressed that their semester at Corvinus was an important topic in their job interviews. Their future employers were really interested to learn how the students benefited from studying abroad, especially in Budapest which is considered by some as an unusual destination compared to London, Paris or Barcelona. Hence students’ study abroad experience was perceived as a competitive advantage both because they studied at a prestigious university and also because of the diverse opporutunities provided by Budapest’s unique location.      

It is extremely important for employers to see what skills students acquired during their semeter at Corvinus. Therefore, the most essential questions that students should be able to answer after their semester at Corvinus are: How can I use the skills I acquired in my CV? or How did my study abroad semester add value  to my career?




The International Study Programs (ISP) focuses on internationalization and research. We put a particular emphasis on attracting outstanding academic staff from all around the world. The ISP’s academic staff consists of full time and guest professors from more than 10 different countries.

The high quality of education offered by CBS is guaranteed by the fact that each subject is taught by lecturers who are specialists in the given science or discipline, equipped with the necessary academic and practical knowledge.

This commitment to excellence is in part reflected through the acheivements our alumni who, since 1990, have taken up key leadership positions in Hungary: 10 Ministers of Finance, 7 Ministers of Economy, 4 Governors of the Hungarian National Bank, the presidents of the State Audit Office, several CEOs and Chairmen of major Hungarian companies.

Corvinus Business School, with its 360 full-time academic employees and close to 8000 students, is number one in Hungary in the field of scientific research on business and business education.



The goals of the ISP professors is to challenge students to think outside the box and support them in finding new ways to approach projects, problems and ideas that will later be useful in their professional and personal lives.  Our professors are there to inspire students to expandtheir comfort zone and discover unexplored potentials of themselves. Professors also facilitate intercultural communication and understanding within the class and foster students in their personal and professional development. Professors encourage observation and exploration as well as team work with participants of different nationalities.




Corvinus Business School is a member of:


  • AACSB – Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
  • EFMD – European Foundation for Management Development
  • CEEMAN – Central & Eastern European Management Network
  • CEMS – Community of European Management Schools
  • EDAMBA – European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration
  • PIM - Partnership in International Management



At Corvinus, students have the possibility to study with students from all around the world both during classroom activities and home projects. It is one of the hidden treasures of studying abroad; you have the possibility to experience and learn how other students with diverse cultural and academic background perceive a task, what their attitude and mentality are when they face a challenge.

Apart from learning it is also about sharing; through discussions and sharing ideas with your international classmates inside and outside of the classroom you will learn new ideas an concepts and you will also show them approaches and views. 



Spending a semester abroad can have a great impact on your life, your attitude, how you look at things or what you think about the world in general. Living in another culture and interacting with students, professors and everyday people with different cultural backgrounds can open up your spectrum. Living in Budapest, meeting various type of people, experiencing different cultures day by day are the best and probably the most effectiveway to leave your comfort zone and discover your potentials. During your stay in Budapest you automatically become a global citizen.

At the end of your semester you’ll better understand the world from a broader perspective, you’ll gain an extensive knowledge of this part of the world, you will have visited all the famous sights in Budapest, you will have made many local and international friends, and you’ll also know why Hungarians put their boots in the window on December 6th and why women don’t look forward to Easter Monday.  

Studying at Corvinus, Budapest is truly an experience of a lifetime!



Our Study Abroad office’s goal is to provide excellent support to students studying in Budapest for a semester.  They provide all the necessary information concerning studying in Budapest and at Corvinus ( be it the University’s regulations or useful information about  the city),  support their academic progress,  make the orientationand admission period for the students as smooth as possible and also provide assistance to the students if needed.  The Study Abroad office communication is clear and precise, and they aim at  respond to students’ requests in a timely fashion. They also put  emphasis on customized support and a „personal touch”; students can come to them with trust.

Corvinus University of Budapest has won the Study Portals Award for Excellent International Student Satisfaction in 2016! International students rated their study experience at Corvinus with an average score of 9+ based on 30 reviews. This result is based on the analysis of 15,965 student reviews on STeXX.eu - the world's largest database of international student experiences.




As you wander through the city and observe the everyday life of Hungarians, you will discover tons of details which textbooks cannot teach you.

Budapest is small enough to find your way around really easily and in a short period of time but at the same time it’s big enough to continuously provide new experiences and learning opportunities. In recent years Budapest is becoming more and more an increasingly popular city among students and travellers and it seems there's nothing cooler than saying "I studied in Budapest."

Last modified: 2018.11.30.