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Travelling to and from THE AIRPORT


The fastest and most direct way of getting from Budapest Airport to downtown is definitely by taxi, with services provided by taxi stands in front of both Terminal 2A and 2B that are staffed by English-speaking attendants. Only one company is currently authorized to provide unreserved taxi service with curbside pick-up at Budapest Airport: Főtaxi, which guarantees regulated rates with prepaid vouchers available at the taxi stands.

Please note, official taxi drivers do not stand in the arrivals hall or ask if you need a taxi.

Fare: basic fee - 700HUF, 300HUF/km, 75HUF/minute for waiting. 

To reach most central-Budapest hotels, Főtaxi charges approximately 7,000 forints (about 22 euros). Check out Főtaxi’s website for complete information and a tariff calculator. http://fotaxi.hu/?lang=en




There is a direct Bus - 100E - to Kálvin square (10 minutes walk from the dorm) and Deák Ferenc square. 

More information on: https://bkk.hu/en/airport-shuttle/. 

Step 1: After exiting customs in either Terminal 2A or 2B, go to the “Information and tickets” booth of BKK to purchase tickets to the given desination (they will help you with how many you need). You will need minimum of 2 paper tickets.  

(If you need to exchange money for Hungarian forints at the terminal, keep in mind that exchange rates are higher at the airport than at most downtown exchange offices, so only exchange as much money as you absolutely need. Only exchange money at official offices; do not exchange money with individuals.)

Step 2: Exit the arrivals hall and go to bus #100E 

Step 3: You can get on the bus at the first door; please make sure to validate one your ticket in view of the driver.

This line will take you to the city center. If you stay at the dorm, you need to get off at Kálvin square.

From Kálvin square to Földes Ferenc Dorm it’s a 10 minute walk. Please refer to the CORVINUS ISP MAP for further details.

Make sure that you validate your ticket at all times as without a valid ticket inspectors will fine you 16 000 HUF (roughly equals to $60).



MiniBUD airport shuttle company. They offer shared rides to and from the airport. The company organizes small groups of passengers that are traveling to the same area of the city and then drops them off in the most convenient order possible. Because of this, it can actually take longer to reach a destination with this service than it takes to use public transportation, but the convenience of not having to handle luggage on the bus and metro might be well worth the extra expense and time.

Check out the official miniBUD website for fare information and details.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.