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Corvinus has an additional student support system called the Tandem Program. Once a study abroad student is accepted to Corvinus-ISP, he or she is assigned a „Tandem Partner” (a Hungarian Corvinus student), who is there to help the student regarding any questions relating to getting around campus, setting up mobile phones, how things work in Hungary in general, cultural events, etc. The goal of the Tandem Program is to support international students in getting settled in smoothly to their life in Budapest. It is also a great and easy way to get to know a local even prior to your trip to Hungary.

Please note that the Hungarian Tandem Program is not a paid service. Hungarian Tandem partners volunteer for this project and even though they are motivated to support students from abroad as much as they can, expectations should remain reasonable.

At the end of their semester, international students are asked to evaluate their Hungarian Tandem Partner; the appraisal form is sent to students closer to the end of their semester.

Last modified: 2018.11.30.